Will the Texans now try and trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?

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Jimmy Garoppolo would be great for the Houston Texans, but it’s not happening.

The Texans have to be exploring all options now that things fell through with former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

One thing they can do is sign either Colin Kaepernick or Jay Cutler.

They could also try and trade for New England Patriots back up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says the Texans would love Garoppolo. From Chris Wesseling of NFL Around the NFL:

"“Of course Bill O’Brien would love to acquire someone as talented as Jimmy Garoppolo,” NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said on Thursday’s edition of Up to the Minute. “It would make a lot of sense. The system would be the same, the transition would be easy, everything would match up.”"

One problem for the Texans is that the Patriots do not want to trade Garoppolo.

"“From my understanding, the Patriots do not want to deal Jimmy Garoppolo,” Rapoport continued. “They really just don’t, whether it’s to the Browns, whether it’s to the Texans. Their stance right now … is they do not want to give up someone who they consider a franchise quarterback for a pick this year.”"

As much as the Patriots don’t want to give up Garoppolo, they will have a real problem next offseason when he becomes a free agent with Tom Brady wanting to play another 6-7 years.

New England can’t afford to pay Garoppolo like a starting quarterback sincce they’re also paying Brady.

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Even if the Pats hit Garoppolo with the franchise tag, they would be paying him like a starter for one season.

Maybe the Patriots want to see how Brady looks this coming season and if he continues to look great, they can franchise Garoppolo next year and trade him.  The problem is they won’t have much trade leverage given the fact that teams will know they can’t afford to keep him on their roster.