2017 NFL Draft: Breaking down Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly

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Final Thoughts

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Off-field issues, health questions, and size will cause Chad Kelly to fall in the draft.

Kelly, when healthy, and if he is smart off the field, will make an NFL franchise very happy. His drive and self-confidence will make him a great asset to any team as he will work tirelessly to climb up the depth chart and learn.

Coaches love those kind of players.

Kelly needs work on his footwork, reading NFL defenses, as well as his drop-backs. He is a project at the level. I expect him to be drafted no sooner than late in the fourth round. Anywhere after that I can see a reason for a franchise to select the former Rebel.

Kelly will excel best in a quick read spread offense such as the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, or Miami Dolphins.


  • Best fade route thrower in this year’s class.
  • Athletic and posesses escapability in the pocket.
  • can read coverage’s and make progressions when asked to, will need work
  • Strong-arm— can make all the throws in the route trees.
  • Gunslinger mentality
  • Kelly’s confidence will keep him on a roster, he is a grinder.


  • Not decisive.
  • Panics in pocket when it breaks down.
  • Lazy passes, floats the ball when fatigued.
  • Sloppy footwork.
  • Fumbles often due to a poor cradle pre-throw ( holding high and out on the shoulder pads ).

Pro Comparison:

Chad is a very hard quarterback to compare, as NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein talked about previously. I narrowed him down to three:

Andy Dalton

Brett Farve

Johnny Manziel