2017 NFL Draft: Breaking down Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly

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Florida State Tape

Chad Kelly was very skittish in the pocket this game. A direct result of a poor offensive line.

Multiple times Kelly felt pressure before it was there, causing a panicked roaming of the pocket. This led to hurried throws or sacks, not good.

Kelly’s first half tape is mostly positive. He read the defense well and made NFL-type progressions.

Kelly loves the quick slant and puts good placement and zip on those throws. He noticeably protects himself when he runs better than previous seasons; he utilizes the slide a lot.

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Kelly’s first interception was a direct result of him staring down a covered receiver and delivering an inaccurate ball— if placement is to outside it is a catchable ball.

Kelly is very fun to watch run as he follows his blockers— again, not important for next level. In second half he gave up on protecting himself.

Kelly delivered a beautiful inner seam throw to tight end Evan Engram to finish the half. The timing was perfect. He threw the ball before his receiver was past the safety.

Kelly notices that the safety’s hips are not turned and rips it. Easily his best read/throw of game.

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Engram dropped an easy catch causing an interception. Was a quick throw on a four yard stop route.

Kelly lacked ball security at the 10:47 mark in the third quarter which caused a fumble. He is caught holding the ball high up; which came back to bite him again. He really needs to tuck the ball lower in his motion and not point the ball high and out like he does.

Kelly threw a pretty fade route consistently in this game. His fourth touchdown of the day was another fade where he throws it perfectly to the receiver in stride.

If Ole Miss had a consistent offensive line and rushing attack Chad would’ve had an easy win. He should not be allowed to attempt 30 passes in the second half of a blow out.

Additional Notes:

  • Threw a risky fade that should have been picked off.
  • Throws too many soft tosses.
  • Drops cost him a handful of well thrown balls throughout the game.
  • Sailed balls a lot in second half due to poor footwork.
  • Sometimes his throwing motion causes the ball to come out wobbly. Will need to rework his motion if he wants to be a starter in the NFL.
  • Very comfortable throwing while rolling out to either side.
  • Overthrew a wide open receiver on the outside with nine minutes left in 4th.
  • Kelly can really flick the ball with speed and accuracy with his wrist when he needs to.
  • Forced a deep throw and under threw it for the game ending interception.