2017 NFL Draft: Breaking down Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly

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Chad Kelly has a gunslinger’s mentality and because of this he will test any defense.

Kelly throws the ball fearlessly. He reminds me of Brett Farve when it comes to the good and the bad.

Kelly is agile for his size. He has great straight-line speed, I’m not sure how his ACL injury will affect that.

Interesting tidbit: Chad has quick movement from rushing motion to throwing motion and he can use as a form of pump in future. Transitions from tucking to throwing effortlessly. This could lead to more fumbles in the NFL.

Kelly makes the effort to set his feet well on run to deliver a strong-accurate throw. NFL teams will love seeing a quarterback do that.

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  • Kelly typically throws tight spirals on deep balls. But he has inconsistent release points.

    Kelly holds the ball high on his chest when throwing– can be easily stripped by NFL defenders. It is a good and bad habit to have. It aids to his quick release, but could also leads to easy fumbles.

    A nice trait that will not be utilized at the next level-Kelly reads running lanes well.  I wouldn’t expect any NFL coaches to ask him to run.

    Kelly doesn’t lack confidence. He is very confident in throwing outside the pocket. There is not a throw he does not believe he can make. Chad’s best throw is a deep or intermediate fade throw. He really enjoys the deep fade; shows great touch on that type of throw.

    Coaches may not like Kelly, but his teammates will love him. He really trusts his receivers and will rely and feed a number one option.

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    Kelly is an improvising maestro. He sees things play out in his head prior to the events happening. Excels in broken down plays like Doug Flutie and Johnny Manziel did when they played in the NFL.

    Kelly excels in the quick one read play-action throws. He loves and excels in the Oregon/Marcus Mariota quick play-action one-read throw. Can be utilized at the next level like the Titans have done with Mariota.

    Despite this being highlights, Kelly showed some flaws. He tends to fade away from pressure that leads to off balanced throws.

    Kelly’s short to intermediate throws are often robotic. He decides he will throw it before the play starts and will not move from that read. He will get eaten alive by NFL defensive backs with that.

    Kelly has a bad tendency of not protecting himself from big hits. Health has already become a big issue in his career as of late.