2017 NFL Draft: Breaking down Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer

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DeShone Kizer Notre Dame
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With the NFL Draft coming soon, I have decided to publish my personal scouting thoughts on individual players in the 2017 class. My first one is on Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer.

Each report will come with three videos followed by the thoughts on each one individually, starting with hone Kizer.

Finally, I will have my pro comparisons, overall thoughts, and fit for the Houston Texans.

My rule of thumb is to watch the highlights video to get a general feel on a prospect’s talent level. Highlights should not be used past that dominion.

Following the highlights I watch at least two game tapes from big games or against top teams the prospect faced in his career. This will show the true strengths and weaknesses that he possesses.

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Hopefully, by observing and sharing tape and scouting reports on prospects it will aid the understanding of opinions on each prospect. Come April 27, 2017, everyone will be ready to hear the names of these players called and understand why a team did or did not draft them.

This will give you all an insight into what I am seeing in the tape. I appreciate and welcome all feedback; as many prospects have different grades from different people. Feel free to tweet me your thoughts on the prospects and my notes as well as comment below. You can find me on twitter @manfreonair.