Patrick Mahomes II reveals who he models his game after

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Can Patrick  Mahomes be as good as Aaron Rodgers?

It seems like almost every mock draft has the Houston Texans taking Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

if the Texans to draft Mahomes I’m sure they’ll be hoping he can become the next Aaron Rodgers.

In an interview with SI Now, Mahomes said he models his game after Rodgers as well as some other great quarterbacks.

"“Definitly Aaron Rodgers. I mean I watched every game he played when I was in college. I mean I would go back on film and watch with coach Kingsbury, getting prepared. I just love the way he plays. Love the way he extends plays and he’s probably the guy I model my game after. I mean there’s other guys I take away from. Ben Roethlisberger, I’ve been watching a lot of Tom Brady lately. Seeing how his fundamentals are and how consistent he is with them. I mean he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. You gotta watch all the greats to become great,” said Mahomes."

The one thing Mahomes really needs to do is work on is his footwork.

While Mahomes has the best arm in the NFL, if he doesn’t perfect his footwork, he’ll have a lot of problems completing passes at the next level. His throws will sail on him and he’ll be missing his receivers if his feet are not in the right position.

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This is why many NFL scouts and general managers look at Mahomes as a project player and not someone that can start right away.

Ideally–like Rodgers–Mahomes will be given at least a year or two to sit on the sideline and learn as he adapts to the NFL.