Texans have talked about signing Colin Kaepernick

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The Houston Texans have shown some interest in Colin Kaepernick.

With the Dallas Cowboys taking their sweet time when it comes to moving on from quarterback Tony Romo, there are other free agent quarterbacks that could help the Houston Texans next season.

One of those quarterbacks is Colin Kaepernick, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers.

I’ve already made it clear that signing Kaepernick would be a good move for the Texans to make. But so far they don’t agree.

What’s interesting is that Texans head coach Bill O’Brien admitted to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that they have talked about signing Kaepernick.

"“We’ve watched him,” O’Brien said. “Like I’ve said, we feel good about where we’re at right now with Tom and Brandon Weeden, but we’ve watched him and discussed him. I think that’s a fluid situation as far as free agency goes, not just for Colin Kaepernick but for the teams. As you know, your roster’s not totally set until right before you open that season. He’s a good football player, he can run, he’s been coached well by [Jim] Harbaugh and Chip Kelly. Those guys are excellent coaches, so you know the background that he has. We’ll continue to discuss all the positions on our team, but we’ve definitely watched him.”"

So you’re telling me that Brandon Weeden is a better player than Colin Kaepernick?

I’m sorry, I find that laughable.

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I know Kaepernick is not a top-tier quarterback, but at least he’s shown promise during his career, unlike Weeden.

Of course O’Brien could be more comfortable with Weeden and Tom Savage running his offense instead of Kaepernick. His offense isn’t an easy system to run and one of the knocks on Kaepernick is his inability to read defenses.

When it comes to talent, Kaepernick is on another level compared to Savage and Weeden, but he just might not be a fit for the Texans’ offense.