Woody Paige: Broncos are saving cap space for Tony Romo

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The Denver Broncos aren’t out of the race for Tony Romo.

Does anyone really believe the Denver Broncos don’t care whether or not they acquire Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo this offseason?

I hope not because any reports of the Broncos not caring is just a public relations game they’re playing with the Cowboys and the rest of the NFL.

Woody Paige of the Colorado Springs Gazette believes the Broncos are saving cap space in hopes of acquiring Romo.

"Seems odd that, in the buying spree last week, John Elway didn’t add a Six-Million-Dollar-Man for left tackle (King Dunlap, late of the Chargers), a $4 mil running back (Jamaal Charles, late of the Chiefs) and a $3,670,181 inside linebacker (Zach Brown, late of the Bills).Conspiracy theorists would believe Elway is saving that money in case a certain QB can be acquired in a trade or free agency."

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Paige pointed out that Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk believes that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will try to get a deal done with the Broncos during this week’s owners meetings in Arizona.

"One such smart logician, Mike Florio of NBC’s Pro Football Talk, speculates that the Broncos might get something done on this quarterback matter during the NFL meetings at the venerable Biltmore Resort in Phoenix on Sunday-Tuesday. Florio suggests that the owner of one Texas franchise does not want a quarterback to end up with the other Texas franchise."

Paige went on to write that Broncos general manager John Elway shouldn’t have a problem giving up a seventh round pick in order to acquire Romo, since they have enough money to take on his current contract with the Cowboys.

Paige also believes Elway will want to “stick it to” the Houston Texans after they “stole” Brock Osweiler last year.

I find this laughable.

I’m sure Elway lost sleep over Osweiler leaving for the Texans.  Let’s be honest, Trevor Siemien was an upgrade over him for Broncos.

If Jones does indeed want to keep Romo from going to Houston and he’s able to persuade Elway to trade for him, the Texans may ultimately miss out on landing Romo this year.