Bill O’Brien “absolutely” confident Tom Savage can be a starter

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Bill O’Brien stands behind Tom Savage now that Brock Osweiler is gone.

No one knows who the Houston Texans starting quarterback will be this season with Tony Romo still on the Dallas Cowboys, but so far it looks like it will Tom Savage.

During an appearance on the NFL Network, Texans head coach Bill OI’Brien believes in Savage as they prepare for next season.

"“Absolutely,” O’Brien said. “He came into some tough games, the Jacksonville game last year that we had to win. We were down in the game, he helped us come back. He helped us beat Cincinnati on Christmas Eve, which was a big game that we had to win to clinch the South. We knew we had to win because of what happened earlier in the day in our division. And he helped us win that game. He got injured, and that’s been kind of one of the things that’s happened to him. He’s been injured over the last three years of his career. But if you look at the history of the league, there’s a number of guys who have played that were injured early in their career. Tom is a smart guy, he can throw the ball really well, he knows our system and he’s a guy that we’re real excited about working with.”"

I wouldn’t expect O’Brien to say anything else.

If the Texans aren’t able to get Tony Romo this offseason, then they will be forced to start next season with Savage under center.

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I’m sure O’Brien will adjust his offense as much as he can to protect Savage and put him in a position to be successful.

I would expect the Texans to certainly be a run first team next season and for Savage to make short smart safe throws down the field.

Then let Houston’s defense do the rest.

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