Why the Texans should trade for Kirk Cousins

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Kirk Cousins would instantly solve the Houston Texans quarterback problems.

It’s amazing to me that the Washington Redskins can’t come to an agreement with quarterback Kirk Cousins on a multi-year contract.

I know Cousins isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL, but you can argue that he deserves to be given whatever he wants. It’s just the way things work when a team has a legit starting quarterback.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Redskins.  They act like Andrew Luck’s long lost brother is going to drop into their lap’s and that Cousins isn’t worth paying.

Things are so bad between Cousins and the Redskins that there’s a report out that Cousins doesn’t want to do business with Washington general manager Bruce Allen.

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If the Houston Texans were smart they would offer up a first and third round pick to acquire Cousins from the Redskins.  I would be shocked if Washington wouldn’t accept that offer.

Trading for Cousins is certainly a better move than drafting a quarterback that’s not a lock to be any good at the NFL level.

To be honest, I was very skeptical about Cousins heading into last season, but he proved to me that he’s a legit NFL starter.

Trading for Cousins is certainly a better move than drafting a quarterback that’s not a lock to be any good at the NFL level.

Cousins racked up 4,917 yards through the air, 25 touchdowns and 12 interceptions to go along with a quarterback rating of 97.2.  Not bad for a guy who’s running game was ranked 21st in the NFL last season.

By the way, Washington had the second ranked passing offense in the entire league in 2016. And that’s with DeSean Jackson only catching 56 passes.

For his career, Cousins has thrown for 12,113 yards, 72 touchdowns and 42 interceptions and has a rating of 93.6.

If Cousins was the Texans’ starting quarterback they would be instant Super Bowl contenders. He’s not a bad player at all.  If the Redskins built a team around him they would be very difficult to beat. The problem is their defense was one of the worst in the NFL last season and their running game was a mess.

Two of the Texans’ greatest strengths are their running game and defense.  Not to mention that have some pretty good receiving weapons on the outside.

Chime in below and let me know whether it would be a good idea for the Texans to trade for Cousins.