Houston Texans mailbag: Talking free agency, A.J. Bouye’s replacement

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The Houston Texans shouldn’t have a hard time finding A.J. Bouye’s replacement. I also wouldn’t expect too much in action in free agency.

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Joe Morrisey – 3-4 or 4-3 next year and potential targets to replace Wilfork/Simon?

Joe, I believe the Texans will stick with the 3-4. I can’t see a reason to switch to a 4-3.  They did just rank as the NFL’s top defense in 2016.

When it comes to replacing Vince Wilfork and John Simon, the Texans will likely do so either in free agency or a second tier veteran.

I’m not sure who those players will be.  I believe they’re trying to save as much of their money as they can as they wait for Tony Romo to be released by the Dallas Cowboys.

David and Cynthia Santana – What’s the status on Bryan Cushing? Are we planning on letting him walk too?

David and Cynthia, I don’t believe Cushing is going anywhere this season.  if the Texans were to cut him right now they would have to deal with $4.2 million in dead money.  If they wait until 2018, they will only have $1.2 million in dead money under the cap.

I also believe that if the Texans weren’t going to keep Cushing, they would have cut him already given the fact that they could use the cap relief.

My guess is that this will be Cushing’s final season in Houston give his age and the fact that his play has been declining.

David Carney – Are the Texans going too do anything?

David, as of right now, I believe the Texans are waiting to see what happens with Tony Romo.

My guess is they want to make sure they have the money available to sign him whenever the Cowboys finally release him.

Other than quarterback, the Texans’ biggest need is at right tackle and the free agent market for offensive lineman has been ridiculous.  Teams were overspending left and right and Houston didn’t have to money to contend for players like Russell Okung and Ricky Wagner.

I know people are concerned about the defense after losing A.J. Bouye, John Simon and Quintin Demps, but the Texans shouldn’t have a problem at least finding Bouye’s replacement in a cornerback heavy draft.

When it comes to getting a right tackle, the Texans may have to settle for taking one in the first round.

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Javier Rios – Can the Texans sign defensive players to replace of Bouye, Demps, and John Simon?

Javier,  I kind of just answered, this but I can elaborate some more.

The Texans will likely find Bouye’s replacement in the draft and could do the same for Simon and Demps.

There could also be some solid players that other teams could release after the draft due to cap concerns.

Brett Smith – Thoughts on C.J. Bethard from Iowa.

Brett, Bethard could be a solid option for the Texans, but the question is, how long will it take for him to become a viable NFL starter?  NFL.com compares him to Tom Savage. Houston doesn’t need another Savage.

If the Texans are going to draft a quarterback, it would be better to get one in the early rounds instead of taking someone like Bethard later on. They need help now.  Houston can’t afford to draft a project player at the quarterback position.