Report: FOX Sports want to hire Tony Romo

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We may have to wait until next month’s NFL draft to find out what Tony Romo’s future holds.

The drama that surrounds Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo just keeps on going with each passing hour and day.

With the Cowboys steadfast in their stance to trade Romo, there’s some speculation that he may end up retiring.

Jane Slater of the NFL Network brought up the possibility on Friday.

"“Tony Romo was told that he would be released ahead of the beginning of free agency, that has not happened,” said Slater.“Those trade rumors surfaced on Thursday and since then no real movement both teams, Houston and Denver both coming out and saying they’re not interested in a trade.  They would be interested in Romo, but they’re not interested in giving anything up for him.“In talking to a number of GM’s and coaches, I’m getting the sense that maybe the Cowboys and Tony Romo maybe have overestimated his market value a little bit.  So we’ll see how this thing shakes out. Whether this thing else on a release or option C that I’ve been talking about today. This very real possibility that Tony Romo may decide, ‘you know what maybe I don’t want to go to a new team, learn a new playbook, get familiar with a new coaching staff, be the face of a franchise. Maybe I will instead consider retirement.'”"

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ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported on Friday that FOX Sports would like to hire Romo.

While Romo would be smart to retire, I can’t imagine him going out like this.

Romo’s last meaningful play was in 2015 when he went down with a season-ending injury.

As of right now I believe Romo will end up with the Houston Texans. When comparing them to the Denver Broncos, Bill O’Brien and company make more sense for Romo.

The fact that Houston is only a few hours away from Dallas and the Texans are a more complete team, they’re a better fit for Romo.

The Broncos may have good defense like the Texans, but their running game is a mess and have offensive line questions like Houston.

At the end of the day, the news of FOX wanting Romo is likely the Cowboys creating news in hopes of making a team panic in order to pull off a trade.