Report: Patriots could want two first round picks for Jimmy Garoppolo

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

We might finally know what the New England Patriots want in return for Jimmy Garoppolo.

We have all been wondering what it would really take for the New England Patriots to trade back up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network says the Patriots might be looking for two first round picks in exchange for Garoppolo.

“The expectation as of right now is that he won’t be moved by the Patriots. But that could change. Someone could blow Bill Belichick and the Patriots away with an offer. Nobody quite knows what that price is. But someone somewhat connected to the situation says it’s going to probably have to be a first round pick this year and then a first round pick again next year. Just something to make Belichick think.  Now that is an extremely high price to pay. That is franchise tag high kind of pricing right there, so no one expects a team to be willing to part with that,” said Garafolo.

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“If it’s a first round pick this year, say I don’t know, number 12 overall and then a little sweetener next year. Maybe not a first round pick, but maybe something else. Could that start things going? Yeah possibly it could.  But as it stands right now Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to be a Patriot for this upcoming season.

“What many people are missing here is that the Patriots aren’t looking at this year as a deadline. They’re looking at next year because they can always tag Garoppolo next year and then trade him.”

A first and third round pick for Garoppolo wouldn’t be bad.  But two first rounders, that’s not a good deal.  I think everyone needs to see more from Garoppolo before giving up that much for him.

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