Report: Jay Cutler wants to play for Texans, plan B if Tony Romo falls through

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler would love to play for the Houston Texans as he ponders his NFL future.

Things are starting to get interesting when it comes to the Texans and their search for a quarterback.

Walter Football is reporting that Jay Cutler would love to play for the Texans once he’s released by the Bears, which is expected to happen this offseason.

"With free agency fast approaching, time is running out for the Chicago Bears to trade veteran quarterback Jay Cutler. The Bears let be known they were shopping Cutler, and throughout the league, no one thought Chicago would get anything for Cutler. Thus, Cutler is likely to be released and has a favorite spot for where he would like to play next. Multiple sources tell that Cutler wants to sign with the Houston Texans."

Chicago is currently trying to trade Cutler, but let’s be honest, not one NFL team is willing to trade for him because of his contract since he’s due to make $16 million in 2017.

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Walter Football says the Texans could be willing to sign Cutler if they’re unable to acquire Tony Romo if and when he’s released by the Dallas Cowboys.

"The Texans are expected to make a run at Tony Romo, and if Romo signs elsewhere, Houston could consider Cutler. The big issue to getting a deal down could be money, as Houston would probably only be willing to pay Cutler backup money after being on the hook to pay Osweiler a large salary in 2017. It remains to be seen if Cutler is willing to play for backup-quarterback level of compensation. At this stage of Cutler’s career with a less-than-stellar reputation around the league with a propensity to throw interceptions, backup quarterback money is all that Cutler will probably be offered in free agency."

When it comes to Cutler, is any team going to be willing to pay him as a starter?  I honestly doubt it.

With Cutler being 33 years-old, he has to know his NFL career is winding down and if he wants to salvage it and have a chance at winning a championship, signing with the Texans would be his best move.

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I find it funny that so many fans scoff at Cutler.  As if Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage are better than him.

As much as people love to hate on Cutler, he’s led the Bears to a few playoff appearances.

Houston won’t need Cutler to do a lot, just enough to help them win.  They already have a great defense and a running game as well as wide receivers that will help him out.