Jimmy Garoppolo hinting at trade?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
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Jimmy Garoppolo has to be enjoying all of the attention he’s been getting lately.

It seems like Jimmy Garoppolo just couldn’t stay out of the news this past week. Now I will say it certainly isn’t his fault, unlike most players during this time of year.

Earlier in the week there was a report that the New England Patriots aren’t going to trade Garoppolo no matter what.

“They love Jimmy Garoppolo,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported. “They’re holding onto Jimmy Garoppolo. They view him as somebody they want around. They know the value of quarterbacks and they’re not in the market of getting rid of 25-year-old quarterbacks even if they have a year left on their contract. Jimmy Garoppolo is not going to be traded.”

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About a day or so later Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the Pats will trade Garoppolo for the right price.

"But the source insists coach Bill Belichick will part with Garoppolo if the compensation is right. One preliminary ‘offer’ has already been floated and another is expected to come soon from a second team."

On Friday night Garoppolo posted an interesting photo and caption on his Instagram account.

Now of course Garoppolo could be just having fun with us and decided to send out a message that would get us on the edge of our seats.

Or Garoppolo knows he’ll soon be traded somewhere.

But then again there haven’t been any reports of a possible trade going down anytime soon.

Three weeks ago the odds were that Garoppolo would end up with the Chicago Bears. But in the football world, that was a long time ago.

With the Patriots looking to receive a least a first round in return for Garoppolo, it’s going to take a desperate team to make a deal happen.