Tony Romo to be involved in three-way trade?

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The Tony Romo news just seems to get more interesting by the hour.

Mark Maske of The Washington Post mentioned on Friday that some agents as well people from NFL teams believe that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will likely end up with the Houston Texans.

Are you ready for another rumor about Romo?

NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport says there’s a chance the Washington Redskins could acquire Tony Romo in a trade with the Cowboys after sending quarterback Kirk Cousins to the San Francisco 49ers.

I will say that Cousins to the 49ers makes sense, since new head coach Kyle Shanahan was a part of drafting Cousins when he was Washington’s offensive coordinator.

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But Romo to Washingotn? That’s laughable.

Then again it all comes down to whether he would be willing to play for a division rival and whether Dallas is willing to send him to the Redskins. It depends on how desperate the Cowboys are to trade Romo and get something for him rather than just release him.

I honestly can’t imagine this happening due to the fact that I don’t see Romo “betraying” Cowboys fans and playing for a rival.

Of course if Romo does get traded, any hopes of him ending up with the Houston Texans go out the window.

Update: Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk spoke with a source who pretty much confirmed that Rapoport’s report is not true.

Here’s what Florio wrote:

"In fairness to Rapoport, he added the various “could be” and “may be” qualifiers, making it clear that it was all speculation. Nevertheless, the notion that the 49ers and Washington would, in order to get Kirk Cousins to San Francisco, include the Cowboys send Tony Romo to D.C. represents implausibility at best. Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation scoffed at the idea of such a convoluted outcome; one source called it “conjecture,” adding an exclamation point for effect. (Sad!)"

I’m glad Florio cleared everything up, but let’s be honest, I think it’s safe to say that no one believed what Rapoport was saying.

There’s no way Jerry Jones would trade Romo to Washington.