DeAndre Hopkins has advice for DeShaun Watson

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I’m sure DeAndre Hopkins wouldn’t mind if the Houston Texans drafted DeShaun Watson.

Houston Texans star wide receiver and Clemson alum DeAndre Hopkins has offered up some advice for former Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson as he gets ready for the 2017 NFL Draft.

“Man, I don’t play the quarterback position but if I could give him any advice about coming to the NFL, it would be to just master the game of football,” Hopkins said earlier this month on Texans Radio, via the Houston Texans official website. “At that position, that’s probably the hardest thing, just mastering football not so much being able to make that throw or any throw you can make he knows he has the arm to make it but it’s small things that goes into it, not just him going out there and throwing the football.”

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Hopkins realized over his first few years in the NFL that as a wide receiver it’s not about just going out and catching the ball when it’s thrown his way.

“That was my mindset back then,” Hopkins said. “But now that I became more of a student of the game, I know it’s more to football than just throwing it up to a player. Quarterback has a lot of reads to make. It’s not just that simple in throwing it up to a guy.”

Hopkins is right, talent won’t get you by in the NFL.  You have to truly love the game of football and love studying it.  That’s the only way a player can truly become great.

It would be wonderful if the Texans were able to draft Watson, but as of right now it looks like he could go in the top 20 or even 15 of this year’s draft.

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