Why the Texans have to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

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Jimmy Garoppolo gives the Houston Texans the best chance to win now.

As the offseason continues to roll along, I’ve become more and more convinced that the Texans need to trade for New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

First of all, I’m having a hard time with the fact that the Texans are willing to draft a quarterback–possibly in the first round–instead of trading for Garoppolo.

This is one of the weakest quarterback classes we’ve seen in years.

You’re telling me that it’s OK for the Texans to be willing to take a gamble on Patrick Mahomes, DeShone Kizer, Mitch Trubisky or DeShaun Watson when everyone knows how good Garoppolo is?

Yes, I know Garoppolo only played a few games for the Patriots last season.  I’m not saying he’s the next Tom Brady, but he’s good enough to trade a first round pick for.

What Garoppolo did as a starter last year in New England was impressive.  Their offense is not easy to run and he did a pretty good job.

You also have to remember that Garoppolo looked good last year in a Patriots offense that doesn’t have the receiving weapons that the Texans do.

People also need to sit back and use some common sense.  The reason the Patriots aren’t willing to give up Garoppolo for almost nothing is that they know he’s worth keeping.

I don’t think Bill Belichick will lose any sleep if he doesn’t unload Garoppolo because he knows he’s good enough to one day take the reigns from Tom Brady.

The Texans can’t ignore the fact that head coach Bill O’Brien has ties to the Patriots and is very familiar with how they utilized Garoppolo’s strengths in 2016.  He could do the same for him in Houston.

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Bill Barwell of ESPN made a great point about how the Texans can afford to deal for Garoppolo.

"Garoppolo is also the most obvious upgrade the Texans can make, given their cap situation. With $26.7 million available this year and several starters needed on defense, Houston can afford to sign Garoppolo to an extension, which would essentially start next season. (They could give the Pats backup a signing bonus and spread it over the length of a four- or five-year deal.) Garoppolo’s base salary can spike next year, once the Texans release Brock Osweiler, who will presumably be chained to the bench after this deal occurs."

Garoppolo is only scheduled to make $1.1 million in 2017, which is of course the final year of his rookie contract and the last year the Texans have to keep Brock Osweiler on their roster. So they can pay him once they dump Osweiler next offseason.

So you cannot say Houston can’t afford to acquire Garoppolo.

It all comes down to the Texans being willing to give up the draft picks or pick to make it happen.

I know first round picks are gold in the NFL, but with this year’s draft not being strong at offensive tackle and quarterback–the Texans’ two biggest needs–why hold onto the pick when you can acquire a starter that won’t throw more interceptions than touchdowns next season.

Even if the Texans have to give up a first and fourth round pick, that’s very fair.  Most of the time mid-round picks either get cut or only help on special teams.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The Texans are ready to win now, loading up on players from the draft is not what they need.  They need a quarterback that can lead them.  And Garoppolo is the guy to do it.

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