Houston Texans mailbag, talking Tony Romo and more

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Tony Romo is a serious option for the Houston Texans.

I want to first say thank you for everyone who submitted a question for this week’s Houston Texans mailbag.  I hope we can do more of these in the future.

Let’s get to it!

Erik Schouweiler – What do you see the Texans doing this off season?

Erik, I believe the Texans will address most of their needs through the draft.  This includes the quarterback position as well as acquiring the right tackle.

I also believe the Texans have a very good chance at signing Tony Romo if he gets released. More on that later in the mailbag.

Emanuel Cantu – Can we fire Rick Smith?

Emanuel, why would you want to fire Rick Smith?  He’s done a heck of a job putting together a roster that can contend year in and year out.

Thanks to Smith the Texans have the best defense in the NFL with J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus.

Of course Brock Osweiler seems to be a mistake, but let’s be honest, every NFL team misses on a quarterback. Finding one is not an exact science.

Before the Patriots found Jimmy Garoppolo they missed on multiple quarterbacks in their search for Tom Brady’s successor. The Patriots drafted both Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett.  Hoyer is a solid back up and Texans fans know how bad Mallett is.

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Brett Smith – Is Kareem Jackson moving to safety?

Brett, I don’t believe Jackson will move to safety unless the Texans are able to re-sign A.J. Bouye and acquire another corner through the draft or free agency that can pick up the slack.  But then again if they can’t re-sign Quintin Demps or find a suitable replacement for him, Jackson may have to play safety.

It ultimately all depends on what the Texans do in free agency and in the draft.

David Schulba – Is Tony Romo really an option or is Facebook and the radio just passing viscious rumors.

Tony Romo playing for the Texans is certainly possible.  But only if the Dallas Cowboys release him.  There’s no way Houston is willing to trade any draft picks for Romo because they can’t afford his contract.

While the Chiefs and Broncos have been mentioned as possible landing spots for Romo, I believe the Texans would be the front-runners if he does become a free agent.

Houston makes the most sense since it’s the closest place to Dallas than any other NFL city and they would give Romo the best chance to win a Super Bowl.

Tony Luna – Are they gonna trade JJ watt for Tony Romo?

Tony, I have an easy for your.  No.

Romo is still a good player, but J.J. Watt is younger and has a much brighter future with Romo hoping to play at least one more year.

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