Ian Rapoport: Texans a “long shot” to trade for Tony Romo

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If the Texans are going to acquire Tony Romo, it likely won’t happen via trade.

NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport was back at it again on Tuesday with some more Tony Romo news.  This time he reported that there is belief that his contract i tradable and the two teams right now that could make a move are the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans.

“That’s exactly right, the Cowboys are trying to trade him and can’t cut him. They can’t make a firm decision on him until the start of the league year. So they have some time and they are using it trying to figure out is their a trade partner for Tony Romo.  And really some of the teams to consider include the Kansas City Chiefs. Remember just a couple years back they almost did the exact same thing. Luring Alex Smith, who had been replaced as quarterback of the 49ers by Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs for a couple of second round picks. Certainly a similar situation could happen here. The draft pick compensation would not nearly be what they gave up for Alex Smith. The Chiefs like Alex Smith, they respect what he’s done, but they’ve only gotten to a certain point with him. This has to be one consideration for a potential landing spot for Tony Romo,” he said.

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Rapoport did mention the Texans, but as a long shot.

“Another one to consider here would be the Houston Texans. The problem is Bob McNair, the owner has come out and basically said this is not going to happen. He’s come out and said free agency is not going to be the way they’re going to do it. It’s likely going to be in the draft. So I would put this in the long shot category. But part of this is at this point there’s a couple teams that we know simply do not have quarterbacks. Tony Romo’s contract from what I understand is tradable. There’s a huge cap hit the Cowboys are going to take that. But it is just $14 million in 2017. Not crazy for a far above average quarterback. So from the people I’m speaking with, they do believe a trade is possible,”  said Rapoport.

If the Cowboys only want a mid-round pick for Romo, the Texans would be smart to get a deal done.  The one problem is his contract, but I’m sure Romo would be willing to make it more friendly to help the Texans cap situation.

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