Report: Cowboys trying to trade Tony Romo, can’t cut him until March 9th

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Tony Romo will still likely get released.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported during an appearance on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network that the Dallas Cowboys are trying to trade quarterback Tony Romo.

“Well the Cowboys are gauging his market right now, trying to understand and learn what it will take to make a trade for Tony Romo,” reported Rapoport. “This is their first priority. They want to make sure they get some sort of value back. Maybe a mid-round pick for Romo. This is certainly something that is feasible and from what I understand as far as Tony Romo’s perspective he really doesn’t feel one way or the other. Release would be easier for him. Of course he could just pick his team and do a new contract. But the Cowboys are not going to trade him to some place he doesn’t want to go. So even a trade he would be OK with because he knows the Cowboys will take care of him and he would get a new contract anyway.”

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Rapoport also said they can’t cut Romo until the new NFL league year starts on March 9th.

“But as far as why this is not moving forward, there actually are two reasons. First of all, the Cowboys cannot cut him before the start of the 2017 league year because of cap reasons. His cap hit would accerlate and they cannot withstand that right now. Plus if they cut him and designate him as a post-June one cut and basically spread out the cap space they can’t do it until the league year starts. So the Cowboys are waiting and literally nothing can happen in terms of right now until the league year starts,” said Rapoport.

It still sounds like the Cowboys are expected to release Romo, but while many people are wondering why Dallas hasn’t just done “the right thing” and cut him now so he can play wherever he wants, it’s because they can’t afford to do so until the new league year begins.

The only two teams being linked to Romo other than the Texans, are the Broncos and Chiefs and we know Denver doesn’t really want him.  So it will come down to whether the Chiefs are willing to make a trade for Romo.  I honestly don’t see it happening and believe he’ll end up getting released.

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