John McClain believes Tom Savage will be Texans week one starter

Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports /

Tom Savage might be the best quarterback on the Houston Texans roster.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle was a guest on Ballzy with Kevin Sherrington and Barry Horn and was asked about the Texans quarterback situation.

"First of all, the Texans have three quarterbacks – Brock Osweiler, Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden, who won two games after the Cowboys cut him last year. I believe the opening day starter is Tom Savage, going into the last year of his contract. He cannot stay healthy. And Osweiler, who, because of his contract, everybody thought he was going to answer the problem that has existed since the franchise’s inception in 2002. The best quarterback the Texans have ever had was Matt Schaub. Matt had four good years before his meltdown in 2013. So, once again, they’re looking. I don’t expect them to cut Osweiler. I think he’ll be back; I think he’ll be a backup."

Savage did look a little better than Osweiler this past season, but the poor guy can’t stay healthy. He’ll certainly have a chance to win the job in 2017.

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It doesn’t sound like McClain believes the Texans will be able to sign Tony Romo.

"Here’s the deal about Romo. They will kick the tires on every quarterback who’s available. They will not trade for Romo; the Cowboys are going to have to release him. I feel bad for the Cowboys because, if they kept him, they’d have the best quarterback situation in the NFL. But I think we all probably agree; there’s no way Jerry Jones is gonna do that for a quarterback he likes so much. If Romo is unrestricted, the Texans will check him out. For him to have a chance to play here, he’s going to have to take an enormous paycut. There’s a lot of teams out there, bad teams, they could pay him $20 million a year if they want to cause they’ve got cap money to spend on anything they want. The Texans’ cap situation right now, they’ll have about $13 million operating money. If Romo wanted a chance to go to the Super Bowl and he thinks the Texans would give him that chance and he would agree to a really team-friendly contract, I’m sure they would be interested. But I can’t imagine, every player wants to get what he can get. What about the 49ers, if they offered him a gargantuan contract to come in for a couple of years?"

It will be interesting to see where Romo decides to play if the Cowboys release him.  At this point in his career, you have to imagine that money isn’t his top priority given how much he’s made already.

It’s simple, the Texans give Romo the best chance to a Super Bowl, which is why Houston has a chance at signing him.

As of right now though, odds are that Tom Savage will be their starter next season.

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