ESPN predicts Texans will sign Tony Romo

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Dan Graziano of ESPN believes the Houston Texans will sign quarterback Tony Romo this offseason.

Graziano’s reasoning for Romo signing with the Texans makes sense, here’s what he wrote:

"The Cowboys are likely going to have to release Romo because no team will trade for his contract. Once he’s free to sign anywhere, Romo will look for a contender that needs a quarterback, and there aren’t many of those. He also should go to a place where they have another option in case he gets hurt. And no, Brock Osweiler isn’t a great option (or else why would Houston be messing around with Romo?). But another year of development maybe helps, and adding a veteran like Romo to the mix could make the Texans a title contender if they can somehow get a dozen games out of him and he’s healthy in January."

Romo would be a perfect fit for the Texans.  He would certainly make them instant Super Bowl contenders.

But there’s one thing that concerns me.  If the Texans are going to sign Romo as a free agent, how much can they afford to pay him and how much does he want?

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Romo’s deal with the Texans would likely be an incentive laden two year deal given the fact that he will be turning  37 years old this April and he needs to prove that he can stay healthy.  The last thing the Texans need is to overpay him and than Romo suffers another back injury.

While Romo could command a lot of money given his talent, the fact that his career is ending and his health is a big questions mark, I don’t think he’ll get more than around $10-12 million a year.

There is a chance Houston might be able to pull off signing Romo.

Let me know your thoughts on the idea of Romo signing with the Texans in the comments section below.

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