Sean Salisbury: Texans should trade J.J. Watt for a quarterback

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SB Nation radio host Sean Salisbury was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and explained that he believes the Houston Texans should trade J.J. Watt for a quarterback.

Patrick asked Salisbury–who is a former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst–if he could see a scenario where Watt is no longer with the Texans.

“Could you see a situation where J.J. Watt is not with the Texans,?” asked Patrick.

“Yes,” replied Salisbury.

Salisbury went on to say that if a team like the Browns were to offer the Texans two first round picks and wide receiver Terrelle Pryor for Watt, Houston would be crazy not to take it and their general manager should be fired.

I think the Browns would be crazy to ever make that kind of offer because Watt isn’t worth it.  The Browns are a team that’s also still looking for a quarterback.  A defensive lineman is the least of their worries at this point.

To Salisbury’s credit he did say the Browns wouldn’t attempt to trade for Watt since he believes the Browns will take a defensive end with the first overall pick.

Salisbury even brought up another scenario where the Patriots call the Texans and offer Jimmy Garoppolo and a first or second round pick for Watt.

Once again the Patriots would never make that kind of offer.  It’s not something they would do.  Head coach Bill Belichick values his draft picks too much for a player like Watt who’s already in the middle of his career.

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It all comes down to the fact that New England needs Garaoppolo more than a 27 year-old Watt who’s wearing down.

I do agree that it would be great if the Texans could trade Watt and end up with a franchise quarterback.  But the problem is not many teams would be willing to make that deal. Actually I believe no one will make that kind of trade.

As good as Watt is, the key to winning in the NFL is having a quarterback that gets the job done and that’s not something that can easily be found.  Just asked Houston after watching Brock Osweiler’s horrific 2016 season.

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