Terry Bradshaw on Brock Osweiler: “I don’t like him”

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Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw made it clear this week that he’s not a big fan of Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Bradshaw is one person you can always expect to get an honest opinion from and this week he’s done just that while talking to reporters about Osweiler.

“He’s bad,” Bradshaw said, via the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t like him.”

Bradshaw was asked what the Texans should do with Osweiler.

“I don’t have a clue, they haven’t done anything right yet,” he said. “I don’t see … Osweiler’s too slow for me. He’s way too slow.

“That’s just me. I don’t like him (and) I said so.”

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Another FOX analyst–former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson–also believes Osweiler will never be a top NFL quarterback.

“He can improve, in fact, he can improve a long way,” Johnson said. “I think if you had problems at quarterback, which I think the Texans had problems at quarterback, they’re gonna look under every rock to find a quarterback.”

The best move for the Texans this offseason might be to draft a quarterback in order to continue to search for a signal caller that can lead them to the playoffs and beyond.

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