Behind Enemy Lines: Jacksonville Jaguars

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4. What is it going to take for the Jaguars to pull this upset?

The Jaguars have to do something to score on defense or special teams. Whether it’s a punt/kickoff return or a big mistake by Brock Osweiler, the Jaguars have to take the pressure off Blake Bortles and the offense. Over the last 8-10 weeks, the defense has given the Jaguars chances to win and the offense has failed to capitalize. The only path to victory is for the defense to score themselves, and that almost certainly won’t happen.

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5. On a scale of 1-10 how likely is Gus Bradley going to be fired? Who are some possible replacements if he is?

11. Bradley is gone. His dismissal is an afterthought, to the point where it appears owner Shad Khan is only keeping Bradley employed so that he has to sit through the rest of this awful 2016 campaign. 

My top choices are the usual suspects – Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan. The Jaguars need a bright, innovative offensive mind and they need a completely different attitude. Bradley has spent condoning and ingraining a losing culture into the organization, which must stop.

6. What’s your prediction for the game?

The Texans should be ashamed of themselves if they don’t win this game handily. The Jaguars are a mess at this point and they will gift the Texans several easy scoring opportunities. I expect at least one Bortles turnover and the Texans will maintain a comfortable lead throughout.

Jaguars 10 – Texans 24