Houston Texans Morning Huddle–Third Straight Loss Mocked


Here are your daily Houston Texans stories to kick off your work week:

Texans Loss Sparks More Memes by Matt Young, Houston Chronicle

After roasting Aaron Rodgers for weeks, it seems like those on the interwebs are back in the wheelhouse of the Packers quarterback after Cheese Nation got their second straight win on Sunday. But they went after the Texans, as you will see in these pics.

Vandermeer’s View by Marc Vandermeer, Houstontexans.com

"Long gone are the aspirations of a first round bye. If the Texans want to knock off the better teams in the AFC they’ll have to do it in the post season. But first they have to get there and that’s becoming more difficult by the week.The latest setback was another game in which points were rare and the defense did plenty but needed a near-perfect game against an excellent quarterback. Aaron Rodgers was held in check until the Packers scored on two long drives in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach."

The Texans will still lead the division after this week no matter what due to tiebreakers, but the lead they have had since week one is very much in jeopardy now. It is true that the defense did their job for the most part (except the pass rush) and Brock Osweiler actually did okay. They just couldn’t get much run support and put it all together to pull an upset.

Braxton Miller leaves game with injury by Sarah Barshop, ESPN

"Miller injured his shoulder while attempting to catch a pass from quarterback Brock Osweiler in the second quarter. Miller was down on the field being checked out for several minutes before he was helped up and taken to the locker room. He was able to walk off the field."

The sad part is I’m not even that pessimistic about this injury. The Texans hardly use Miller so I don’t think it’ll be much of a loss.