Houston Texans Morning Huddle–Hopkins’ New Cleats

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports /

Here are your daily Houston Texans stories for Thursday:

Hopkins will wear new cleats to raise awareness for domestic violence by Alex Butler, UPI

"“Rocking these dope cleats to help raise awareness for domestic violence,” Hopkins tweeted.Hopkins was fined earlier this year for wearing Kanye West “Yeezy” cleats during a game."

I’m getting really sick of the NFL’s overbearing nature on their uniforms. No wonder people are starting to call it the No Fun League. They have fined Frank Gore and Earl Bennett over $10k for wearing socks or cleats the wrong length, wouldn’t let DeAngelo Williams wear pink all season for his mother who had breast cancer and wouldn’t let the Dallas Cowboys have stickers on their helmet supporting the Dallas police department.

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I mean, how ridiculous is it that most teams wore 21 decals after Sean Taylor died and that was okay but supporting the local PD isn’t? Nobody has any personality anymore because it might offend someone else. To hell with people’s feelings, as long as players don’t have something ridiculous like a swastika on their wrist band let these guys show a little personal flair.

Time to Bench Osweiler by James Zeankowski, House of Houston

"Demote him to the rank of backup. This can pave the way for drafted rookie, Tom Savage, to get his taste of big league play.A big risk? Certainly. But one that may just be necessary to turn things around for the team."

Whoa. That’s a bold statement. I will have more on this later.