Behind Enemy Lines: San Diego Chargers

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4. What will the Chargers do to slow down DeAndre Hopkins?

Match Casey Hayward up against him. Before anyone laughs, Hayward has been one of the league’s best cornerbacks this year that you don’t immediately think of. Besides, Hopkins is slowed down enough by his own offensive scheme and quarterback play, so he’s not a guy I’d be overly concerned about.

5. Who is an under the radar player that may make an impact on the game?

This is going to be way under the radar, but I’m going to say Ronnie Hillman, who the Chargers just claimed off waivers. The team has been looking for a player to complement Gordon in the running game ever since Danny Woodhead went down, and Hillman could be that guy. He could just as easily be listed as an inactive player for this game.

6. What is your predicted final?

I see this one going either way, but the Chargers are coming off their bye week against a team on a short week having just played a game in Mexico City. That is the only reason I’ll take the Chargers here, a team that is much better than their record indicates.  Chargers win a wild one 22-20.