Houston Texans: Tony Romo would be a great fit

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The Houston Texans could erase the mistake of their Brock Osweiler signing by going with current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in 2017

Well it’s official. Tony Romo is now a backup quarterback for real.

On Tuesday the veteran quarterback held a press conference to announce that he was healthy and ready to go, but that the Dallas Cowboys were going to stick with rookie Dak Prescott. Which as Romo said, they should.

The question now turns to what’s next for Romo. The Cowboys are turning to the 23-year old Prescott from here on out. One place that was mentioned by several outlets for Romo’s future (including Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk) has been the Houston Texans.

Had this happened one season ago, the obvious answer to the question of whether or not this would work would be yes. Now things are a little more complicated thanks to the Texans signing Brock Osweiler to a four-year deal.

This is why people like the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain have said it won’t happen. But it should.

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Just because the Texans erred in signing Osweiler doesn’t mean they have to stick with him. Instead, they should learn from their mistakes and get the seasoned veteran that can help them win now.

Signing Osweiler isn’t the only mistake they made in the quarterback department. In 2012 they had an opportunity to try and lure a veteran and didn’t. Peyton Manning was recently released by the Indianapolis Colts coming off a season missed due to injury and Houston decided to stay out of the free agency bidding.

Manning instead went to the Denver Broncos, where he went to two Super Bowls, winning one. The Texans meanwhile still haven’t won a playoff game in that span.

Romo, who is also coming off some injury plagues seasons, doesn’t have the same pedigree as Manning, but he could have the same success with the right team. If someone like Denver stepped in and signed him, he could very easily become a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

The same could be true in Houston. They have a defense that can compete with Denver when defensive end J.J. Watt is healthy. They also have comparable pieces on offense with DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller at receiver as well as Lamar Miller at running back.

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Adding a guy with a career 97.1 quarterback rating who has thrown 34,154 yards and 247 touchdowns could be the missing piece. Houston needs to think long and hard about going after the soon-to-be-former Cowboy.