Houston Texans: Behind enemy lines with Predominantly Orange

Oct 13, 2016; San Diego, CA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (13) reacts as he walks off the field after a 21-13 loss ot the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 13, 2016; San Diego, CA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (13) reacts as he walks off the field after a 21-13 loss ot the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports /

We get the low down on the Houston Texans upcoming game against the Denver Broncos with Tylor Walden from the Broncos FanSided page Predominantly Orange

This upcoming game for the Houston Texans may be their biggest of the season. They are getting the rap of being a terrible road team as they are 4-0 at home, but 0-2 (with two ugly losses) on the road.

Making it an even bigger game is the fact that they are facing quarterback Brock Osweiler’s old team, the Denver Broncos.

So shoulf fans be excited, or worried? Well to try and get the low down, we open up some dialough with Ty Walden of the Broncos-centric page Predominantly Orange. 

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TT: What was your initial take on Brock Osweiler leaving the Broncos and have your feelings changed at all since he left? Also…did the Broncos do him wrong waiting so long to negotiate?

"TW: Something told me that he would leave and it all started when he got benched for Peyton Manning in Week 17. But I was shocked. He had a Super Bowl caliber defense and had the keys to the Ferrari. And he left it for more money. Guess that is the NFL these days.I honestly think the Broncos did the right thing. Defense wins championships and the team was hoping to keep the defense in tact, which they did a pretty good job doing. (9 of 11 starters returning) With that said, with the money that Brock was asking, the Broncos were smart to hold ground. I would not have paid a QB with seven starts the money that he was asking."

TT: What’s your take on Trevor Siemian? Should he be playing over Paxton Lynch?

"TW: Without any doubt. He got to learn under Peyton Manning, so that helped him a bit. But looking at the five games that Siemian started vs the one game Lynch did, I would be rolling with Siemian. Lynch is far too raw to be starting year one. I would want him to sit and learn the system for a year at least. Siemian has been a nice surprise. While he did suffer his first career loss at San Diego, he did not necessary cost the team the loss. Could he have done better? Yes. But at least he did not turn the ball over, which was an issue in the first two games he played in.I’m riding with Siemian until he proves me otherwise."

TT: This defense is simply insane. We all know Von Miller and Chris Harris, Jr., but who else makes them tick that fans outside of Denver may not know about?

"TW: Derek Wolfe is one player that fans are not all that familiar with. He is great against the run and can get to the quarterback too. There is a reason why Elway paid him before the playoff run in 2015-16. He is one player I would look for in Monday’s game."

TT: With J.J. Watt out, is there anyone else on this Texans defense that needs to be feared in your opinion?

"TW: The only name that comes to mind is Jadeveon Clowney. He has been impressive after missing time with injury. He looks like he is ready to ball. Whomever on the Broncos offensive line is assigned to him better be ready."

TT: What’s your gut feeling on how Brock Osweiler will fare against his old team on Monday Night Football?

"TW: Well, Brandon Marshall said that the defense was going to “kill” Brock Osweiler. I would not go that far, but going up against a Super Bowl caliber defense is not easy for any quarterback. Ask Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and Andy Dalton. The defense feasts upon opposing quarterbacks. And if they do not get to you, you can bet the No Fly Zone defense will attempt to make any football thrown against them will be tough to complete.I think the defense will be extra motivated going up against a former teammate. I honestly would not be surprised if Osweiler has a tough going against his former defense."

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Thank you Ty for taking some time out to discuss the upcoming game. Make sure to check out the work he and his friends do over at their site for a better look at the upcoming opponent. You can also see my answers to question Ty asked about the game as well by following this link.