Houston Texans: Bill O’Brien calls issue with Brock Osweiler a “non-story”


The Houston Texans head coach, Bill O’Brien says there is no issue between him and quarterback Brock Osweiler despite reports of tension between the two

After the team was beat down by the Minnesota Vikings, they had to review the film. That’s never an easy thing to do after such a tough loss.

What made this film session worse according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora was that quarterback Brock Osweiler objected to some of the play calling during the game. The man who makes the calls is none other than head coach Bill O’Brien.

After their Week 6 win on Sunday night, the head coach decided to talk about those reports, and says there is no issue at all. In fact, O’Brien called this the “biggest non-story of the year” according to ESPN’s Sarah Barshop.

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"“Anybody that’s been around me knows that I really only know one way to go about it,” O’Brien said Monday per ESPN. “That’s to work very hard and to do it in a very intense environment. I think that’s the type of players we have. So when you’re coaching football and playing football, and you’re in a competitive environment where everyone is pulling the same rope and everybody is trying to do their very best to win the game, things are going to happen.”"

Osweiler also says there is nothing to the story. La Confora however tried to spin this as the two never wanting one another. He went back down the road that the Texans management signed Osweiler without the coach and quarterback being able to meet.

In this simplistic view, pundits make it sound like the Texans’ brass never even got O’Brien’s opinion. After seeing all the former Patriots signed by the Texans since bringing over a former Patriots assistant to coach the team, the idea of O’Brien not having a hand in such a signing is beyond laughable.

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The fact is both men are ultra-competitive and most likely just had a slight disagreement, which was blown out of proportion.