Bill O’Brien Needed to Take Back Play Calling


Head coach Bill O’Brien has decided to take back the play calling duties from offensive coordinator George Godsey.

When Bill O’Brien took over the Texans in 2014, he was calling the plays. When he took over, the Texans actually had the 11th ranked offense in terms of yards (but 31st in points) the season before. It was just an awful season because of all the turnovers courtesy of Matt Schaub.

During O’Brien’s first season, the Texans actually went down a bit to 17th in offensive yards but went up to 14th in points; with almost six more points per game. Last season with Godsey calling the plays the results were fairly similar–the Texans averaged three more yards per game (albeit falling two spots in the rankings) and averaged two fewer points per game.

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This season, the Texans started 2-1 but was almost completely because of the defense. The offense sits tied for the NFL low in points (with this week’s opponent-the Titans) at 42. The Texans have also scored just one touchdown in the red zone in seven tries. In terms of yards, the Texans rank just 24th.

Brock Osweiler, whom the Texans hitched their wagon to, has three touchdowns to four interceptions on the season. But moreover, he has been sacked six times, is completing less than 60 percent of his passes and has a passer rating of 72.2. He has hit a few big plays to Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins, but his performance has been nothing short of uneven.

Furthermore, Lamar Miller is averaging almost 25 carries per game. With ten catches, he is also has the fourth most receptions on the team. That puts him on pace for over 400 touches this season, which drastically increases the chances of him getting hurt or worn out later in the season.

Reforms to be Made

Over the first three games Braxton Miller has not been used enough. He is a dynamic player underneath and can get open quickly. The Texans offense needs because of the problems with the offensive line. The passing game can’t depend entirely on DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller. The third leading receiver right now is Ryan Griffin with 74 yards on 11 catches through the first three games.

While the other options are slim at running back, using the receivers in the short passing game will take some of the pressure off of Miller. That is specifically where Braxton Miller can come in, and Jaelen Strong as well. He got his first reception of the season in the loss at New England.

With a player as good at going and getting jump balls as Hopkins is and with a 6’2″ receiver in Strong, there is no reason that the Texans can’t get touchdowns in the red zone. So use the big bodies in the red zone.

Lastly, feature Stephen Anderson more. The Texans finally have a tight end that can make some plays in the passing game, yet Anderson only has five catches so far.

Overall, the Texans offense relied on a few guys so far this season. It has become trite and predictable. There are more than three skill players worth using on this roster, and it is time the Texans look like it.