AFC South Quarterbacks–Best in the League?

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Honorable Mentions: NFC East and AFC West

As bad as the NFC East is, they actually have some alright quarterback play. The best in the division right now is Eli Manning, two time Super Bowl MVP who tied for second in the league with 35 touchdown passes last season. After that there is no denying the impact player that Tony Romo is in Dallas when he is healthy. After that, Kirk Cousins looked great at the end of last year and Carson Wentz was good in his first NFL start. But both still need to show me more.

The AFC West is solid top to bottom. The best of their quartet is Philip Rivers. Playing in San Diego most folks forget just how good he really is. After that Derek Carr had a fantastic second season and should be even better in 2016. Alex Smith, whom the Texans see this week, is a steady leader. The wild card is Trevor Siemian, who looked like an adequate starter in the opener against the Panthers. Yes there were a couple mistakes, but overall he did his job.


Right now, even I have to hand it to the NFC South for having the best quartet of quarterbacks in the league. But if Luck returns to his 2014 form, Bortles and Mariota continue to develop and Osweiler can overachieve, the AFC South could have the best quartet going into 2017.