AFC South Quarterbacks–Best in the League?

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Sometimes Twitter throws you a bone. On Sunday I saw one user contend that the NFC South had the best set of quarterbacks in the league while another vouched for those of the AFC South. Let’s take a look at whose are in fact better:

AFC South

Andrew Luck: To me, there’s no doubt Luck is still at the top. He took the Colts to the playoffs as a rookie in 2012 and in 2014 threw 40 touchdowns. After taking over in Indianapolis he has made the playoffs three times in four years and has all the tools to be an elite player. However he does have a problem turning the ball over with 79 interceptions and fumbles so far in his career. But so much is placed on him due to the lack of running game and defense.

Brock Osweiler: Honestly, you could make an argument for any of the other three being second. When he was in Denver, Osweiler did what he needed to. Now in Houston, he looks like he will do the same thing. He’s not going to be spectacular and his ceiling is as high as the two guys below him. But he looks like he can get the job done, and that is a step up from what the Texans have gotten at quarterback in recent years.

Blake Bortles: He threw 35 touchdowns last season, tied for second best in the league. But he also led the NFL in interceptions with 18. Yes it is true that he turns the ball over a lot, but so much gets placed on him without a run game. He also led four game winning drives last season so he does have that clutch gene. He has a lot of potential and if he fulfills it could be an elite quarterback, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Marcus Mariota: Ever since he entered the league, Mariota has been punching above his weight. He has carried an offense with very little talent, which is why they picked up DeMarco Murray this offseason. He threw 19 touchdowns last season with minimal talent at receiver and largely avoided interceptions with just ten. Health is certainly another consideration for Mariota, as he missed four games last season. There is very high potential here as well, but he has to prove it.

Overall, I don’t think any of the quarterbacks in this division are great, but they all do their jobs well.