Texans vs. Bears: The Spread & Over/Under

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The Bottom Line

In summary, I expect both teams to score more points than I projected in June. I still project the favored Texans to beat the 6 1/2 point spread with a final score of 27-17.

That is right on the Over/Under. The biggest variable is much and how effectively J. J. Watt plays. I think he will play very little and have little impact on the game beyond the added game planning his presence requires. With a cameo appearance by Watt I lean toward the Over.

The Bears are much improved on defense and far from a juggernaut on offense. With both Watt and Clowney healthy this is a dominating Texans defense. For those believing that Watt will play meaningful time, the Under is a smart play.

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What do you think? Is Josh Sitton still the real deal, a windfall to the Bears offensive line. Or, did the Packers know something that caused them to release him? Is J.J. Watt ready to go or merely being offered as a distraction for the Bears offensive coordinator? Your Over/Under pick rides on those answers.