Texans vs. Bears: The Spread & Over/Under

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Texans Get Ready For Bears
Texans Get Ready For Bears /

Texans vs. Bears – Much has changed since my June prediction that the Texans would beat the Bears 24-10.

Rosters are now 53 players, down from 90 in June. J.J. Watt had back surgery. Nick Martin is out for the year. Three-time Pro Bowl guard Josh Sitton joined the Bears. And the Bears cut all-time franchise leading scorer, kicker Robbie Gould.

Those are just the high-profile changes. The Texans oldest wide receiver is now 24 year-old DeAndre Hopkins. Three undrafted college free agents and all six draft choices made the Texans initial roster. Another unanticipated change,  injury problems in the Bears secondary,  at linebacker and in the offensive line, is apparently resolved.

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The folks who make the betting lines apparently see the many changes by both teams as close to a “push” with only a slight edge to the Texans. In June the Texans were 5 point favorites. Now, considering all the positive and negative changes the line has moved to -6.5 points.

My view of the point spread is the same. I still like the Texans giving the points. However, my pick for the over/under has changed. In June I projected that only 34 points would be scored in the game. Today, the Over/Under is 44, and my projected total game score is exactly that, 44. Here’s what has changed and why.

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