Houston Texans Morning Huddle–Super Bowl


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What will it take for the Texans to make the Super Bowl? by Houston Chronicle

"The “NFL Total Access” crew discusses what it might take for the Houston Texans to make it to the Super Bowl this season."

Well, of the four teams that have not played in a Super Bowl it is hard to see the Browns breaking through in 2016. The Lions played really well in the second half of the season, so there could be some argument made for them as well. The Jaguars are a real mystery because they are a young team on the rise, but we don’t know how all the players they brought in will fit together–and you could say the same thing about the Texans.

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Texans Vice Chair Dies by Olivia Pulsinelli, Houston Business Journal

"Philip Burguieres, a Houston Texans limited partner and former energy executive, died on June 30, the Houston Chronicle reports.Burguieres served as vice chairman of the Texans until 2012 and helped bring the NFL back to the Bayou City, Texans owner Bob McNair said in a statement posted by the Chronicle. Funeral services have not been set."

Incredibly sad to see one of the main men who got football back to Houston passing on. But we will always be grateful for the work he did in making the Texans.

Training Camp Preview by Connor Orr, NFL.com

"Way too early season prediction: So much of this depends on Osweiler. The Texans have one of the biggest potential variances in win-loss total out of almost any team I’ve looked at this offseason. Houston could be 10-6 or 6-10 depending on how it handles a pretty brutal schedule and a division in which the Colts and Jaguars aren’t going to lay down."

In addition to the questions regarding the offseason, I agree that the schedule is tough and the division will be improved from last season. But so are the Texans. Should be an interesting race, September can’t get here fast enough.