Ranking AFC South Units: Quarterbacks

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3. Texans

May 31, 2016; Houston, TX, USA. Houston Texans quarterback
May 31, 2016; Houston, TX, USA. Houston Texans quarterback /

The irony of this situation is the Brock Osweiler is the only starter in the AFC South with a Super Bowl ring. But he has a small sample size and did not strike me as a bona fide franchise quarterback during his time in the Broncos starting lineup last season. He was efficient, but there were times the offense got really stagnant–namely in week 17 when they were trailing the Chargers and he got pulled for Peyton Manning, whom he replaced due to Manning’s ineffective play earlier in the year.

His overall numbers last year weren’t bad, he had a completion percentage of 61.8% and ten touchdowns to six interceptions. He did take a lot of sacks, but assuming Duane Brown comes back the offensive line in front of him should be as good if not better this season.

There has been plenty of criticism of Osweiler, and some of it could be accurate while other parts are exaggerated. It is true that the Texans paid for a small sample size, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. He’s got a good arm and is fairly accurate, and just like in Denver he won’t have to win games in Houston.

The defense will take on the bulk of the load. There is potential for growth, but I think it’s more limited than the next two quarterbacks.

What elevates the Texans over the Titans is ironically Brandon Weeden. He showed that he can be a guy that can hold down the fort for a game or two if necessary, which is what a backup should do. The irony is that Matt Cassel replaced him in Dallas last season and eventually Dallas released him, and then Cassel was benched for former Boise State standout Kellen Moore.