J.J. Watt gets his own logo

Houston Texans defense end J.J. Watt gets his own logo in part of Reebok campaign, joins a small list of NFL players to do so

If there isn’t any J.J. Watt fatigue among NFL fans, it isn’t from lack of trying. To create even more attention on the most dominate pass rusher in the NFL, the good people at Reebok have helped the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year come up with his own unique logo.

The end result is a surprisingly predictable “JJ” in a simple red font. It isn’t anything spectacular, but that’s probably for the best.

As for Watt, he seems pleased with the outcome of the project;

“I have always dreamed of being able to use my experience to create something truly great, something that I believed would legitimately improve people’s performance and training,” Watt told ESPN.com. “I wanted the ability to put my own personal stamp of approval on tools that I thought would help people perform better. And that is what this logo has allowed me to do. When you see this logo, you will know that I personally had my hand in the product’s creation and that it has my own personal stamp of approval.”

Watt joins other superstar players like Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots and Cam Newton, the quarterback of the NFC Champions, the Carolina Panthers.

J.J. is loved for his hard work and relentless play on the field. While some in the media may get exhausted at the continued push for attention from Watt’s camp, the fact is he is the biggest star in his young franchises history.

His defensive dominance has helped the Texans compete on a near annual basis despite a revolving door at quarterback since his arrival to the team. Watt is perhaps the most recognizable defensive player in the NFL.