Texans Possbile Playoff Opponents

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Possibility #2- Denver Broncos

This scenario is not very likely. In order for it to happen, the Broncos need to lose to the Chargers in Denver this Sunday AND the Chiefs need to win. Of course the latter is not exactly a stretch, but the former is very iffy. Denver is still in contention for the #1 seed but could fall all the way to #5.

The Texans and Broncos have not played this season, which would add a little intrigue to this matchup. However, I think the Texans could match up well. The Broncos offensive line has not played well, Brock Osweiler has been up and down and has a separated shoulder that he is playing through, making the Denver offense not anywhere near the level it was last time the Broncos came to Houston. Gary Kubiak has had Owen Daniels everywhere he has gone, so obviously the Texans would know both well. To be fair, the 2015 Denver has had looked so shaky because the last two offenses have been spectacular. The 2013 unit led the Broncos to the Super Bowl with arguably the best offense ever. But this year a weak offensive line could allow J.J. Watt and company to live in the Denver backfield. But would Brandon Weeden be able to move the ball on a vaunted Denver defense?