Texans Possbile Playoff Opponents

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I know that this is putting the cart before the horse, but let’s be honest the Texans are basically in the playoffs. The Colts need nine specific things to happen to make the playoffs. First and foremost they need to win, and considering it’s anyone’s guess who will be under center for them this week, I’m going to peer ahead a bit with the assumption that Houston is in as the fourth seed in the AFC playoffs and look at whom they might be facing.

Possibility #1- Kansas City Chiefs

This is the most likely scenario in my mind and would be an interesting rematch of week one when the Chiefs won at NRG Stadium. After defeating the Texans the Chiefs lost five straight and now have won nine in a row and can close the season on a ten game winning streak with a win over the Raiders at home on Sunday. In order for this to happen, Kansas City must win AND Denver must win OR with a Chiefs loss AND a Jets loss.

This would be interesting because the week one meeting would be almost irrelevant in this one because both teams are so different than they were in that game. Both teams have had surges in the second half that would be interesting to see them matchup again. Of course DeAndre Hopkins would be the focus of the Chiefs defense and NFL interception leader Marcus Peters. The Texans beat the Bengals twice in the two home playoff games in Texans history, which is part of the reason Cincinnati still has the longest playoff drought in the NFL, not having won a playoff game since the 1990 season. The Chiefs are third longest, last winning a playoff game after the 1994 season. Their quarterback in that game was Joe Montana. The Texans could have the chance to keep that streak going.