Brandon Weeden jabs Jerry Jones, and it was awesome


Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden has had success in his two appearances with the Texans and trolled Jerry Jones for releasing him

Quarterback Brandon Weeden has made two appearances in Houston since he was released by the Dallas Cowboys in November. Both times the Texans turned to the fourth-year passer, he has delivered for them.

His first game where he saw action was against the Indianapolis Colts on December 20th, when T.J. Yates tore his ACL. All he did in that game was throw what proved to be the game winning touchdown to receiver Jaelen Strong. The showing put the Texans in control of the AFC South while and was also the Texans first ever win in Indianapolis.

Houston needed Weeden again the following week when they traveled to Tennessee as starter Brian Hoyer was still out due to being in the concussion protocol. Again, Weeden delivered as he completed 62.5 percent of his passes for 200 yards and a pair of touchdowns in a 34-6 beatdown.

After the game many were laughing at the Cowboys for cutting Weeden, who really wasn’t bad in Dallas at all. In relief of injured quarterback Tony Romo, the Oklahoma State grad completed 72.4 percent of his passes for 739 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

The team went 0-3 in his starts, and they decided they were better suited to go with Matt Cassel under center. Cassel has been a downgrade for sure. He has completed 58 percent of his passes for 1,276 yards with five touchdowns and seven picks.

Even worse, Cassel is 1-6 in his seven starts for Dallas, which proves the team wasn’t losing because of the guy throwing the passes.

Obviously Weeden realizes Dallas was wrong, considering he has as many wins in one try as Cassel in seven. Also, Cassel has been benched for Kellen Moore, who had never thrown a pass in the NFL before.

Yet, if there was any doubt that Weeden thought the Cowboys erred when cutting him, he cleared that up this week when making his regular weekly radio appearance on 107.7 in Oklahoma City. He was asked if potentially playing in the postseason was more sweet knowing the team that cut him is an atrocious 4-11.

"“I mean, yeah. Absolutely,” Weeden said on the Oklahoma City radio station 107.7. “We get to play extra football and he’ll be watching on his couch. That’s what it’s all about. We’re playing for something, and this is a fun time of the year.”"

Well played Brandon, well played.

Jerry Jones said he liked the fire Weeden showed, and of course his coaching staff’s failure to win a game with a backup was totally ignored. He then tried to take the credit for Weeden playing well saying the Cowboys are now justified in giving him the shot they did last season.

The truth is this, Weeden is a backup quarterback and not a franchise guy. The Texans realized that and adjusted their offense accordingly, getting several wins without their starter this season and last as well. Dallas is led by head coach Jason Garrett who has never made any adjustment whatsoever. His plan is the same all day, all game, no season adjustments, no half time adjustments.

Weeden had to dump passes off like crazy in Dallas because the offense was terrible. Receiver Dez Bryant was gone with a broken foot and their running back was Joseph Randle, the underwear thief who is now out of the NFL.

So while Jerry was stumped when asked why Dallas got nothing from Weeden, but Houston has found ways to win, we know the answer. Coaching, plain and simple.

It was nice to see Brandon relish in it for a moment, after leaving the Jones circus tent, he deserved it.