Week 14 Game Recap: Texans vs. Patriots


Incompetence rules the day as Houston fails to capitalize on wide open AFC South.

The Texan offense took the field to start the game.

Bill O’Brien looked to establish the run early in the game, and they netted a total of 2 yards on the first 2 carries of the game. It set them up with an early 3rd and 8 to overcome. They were unable to do anything, and Brian Hoyer was sacked on his first dropback. Xavier Su’a Filo was absolutely demolished by the pass rush and got put right into Hoyer’s lap. They were forced to punt away after a quick 3 and out.

The Texan defense came out and answered the Patriot’s defensive performance. They forced an early 3rd and 10, and subsequent 3 and out.

On the second offensive drive of the game for Houston, they again were able to do absolutely nothing. Three quick plays and a punt.

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The Patriots were able to get into scoring territory quickly after a good return by Keyshawn Martin, then 45 yard completion to Gronk after Whitney Mercilus fell down in coverage. The Texan defense then surrendered a touchdown to Keyshawn Martin, extremely fitting as he was traded after doing absolutely nothing for Houston for 3 straight seasons. Typical Texan luck. J.J. Watt was also called for “roughing” Tom Brady on an extremely horrid call, simply because the name on the back of #12’s jersey.

The Texans’ offense then returned to the field and finally got their first 1st down of the game.

They then got another first down on a deep double move by Nate Washington on a 3rd and 18 play. It got them down inside the 25 yard line and into scoring position.

They faced a 3rd and 5 from the 20 yard line, but were forced to settle for a field goal after the short pass was broken up. The score was 7-3 with 2:38 remaining in the first quarter.

The Texan’s defense seemingly came out with a lack of fundamentals, and let the Patriots off the hook with some lazy tackling early.

They stiffened up, and forced a field goal to limit the bleeding early. The Patriots took a 10-3 lead with 12:13 remaining in the opening half.

When the Texans came back out on offense they were able to break a huge run of 37 yards via Jonathan Grimes into Patriots territory. They continued to march and run no huddle, getting into scoring territory with ease. Unfortunately, they were stopped short of the end zone, and were forced to settle for a field goal. They drew within 4 points and made the score 10-6 with 9:26 to go in the first half of play.

The Texans defense was again gashed early by the run, as the Patriots continually fed LeGarrette Blount the ball. That was until he went down with an injury midway through the 2nd quarter. They surrendered another first down yet again on poor tackling, as they had it stopped behind the marker, but let the runner advance to get a first down.

Shortly after, the defense got into a favorable 3rd and 9 situation at midfield, and they were able to hold New England to force a punt.

Houston’s offense was then forced to operate deep in their own territory after a beautiful punt pinned them at the 3 yard line. They finally completed a pass to DeAndre Hopkins to get some breathing room. The field position proved to be too much to overcome, and a similar situation arose on 3rd and 3. Hoyer threw a pass behind his tight end, not giving him much of a chance and the result was yet another punt.

The Texan defense was forced to defend a short field, and they didn’t do a very good job. They let the Patriots drive inside the 15 yard line easily, right before the half was over.

They gave up a fade to Rob Gronkowski, he pushed off, but of course with no call, and the Patriots took a 17-6 lead heading into halftime.

The Patriots then received the 3rd quarter kickoff and gashed the Texans for a huge gain to cross midfield. The defense just looked inept against Brady and couldn’t really do anything productive.
Fortunately, the bent but did not break and held New England to a field goal. The Patriots took a 20-6 lead with 11:48 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

The game plan didn’t look to change much coming out of halftime for Houston, as they kept feeding Chris Polk the ball on the ground. Hoyer then took a shot deep, but of course his noodle arm keeps handicapping this offense. If he had just led him properly, Nate Washington walks to the end zone for a touchdown.

Ryan Griffin caught a big pass, but as he hit the ground it came loose for an incompletion. Story of the Houston offense: missed opportunities. They had numerous chances to make something happened and failed to capitalize.

Fortunately, Keyshawn Martin muffed the punt and the Texans were actually able to recover and take over at the 21 yard line.

The Houston offense was again reduced into the abyss of mediocrity on back to back incompletions by Hoyer. They came away with absolutely nothing on the gift, turning it over on downs after 4 straight garbage plays.

The Patriots offense was stopped for a quick three and out, and the Texans were able to escape with no damage done.

The next drive, the Houston offense was able to finally get a big play to Ryan Griffin down into scoring position. Hoyer then fumbled on a sack on 3rd and 8, forcing Houston out of field goal range.

Jadaveon Clowney came up huge with a sack to stop the Patriot’s next drive and force a punt.

The Texan offense then came back out with no changes again, keeping the ball on the ground for minimal gains over and over. They then gave up yet another sack and were forced into a 3 and out again. They looked pathetic and incompetent throughout the entire 3rd quarter.

The Texan’s defense kept them in the game, holding the Patriots to only 3 points in the entire 3rd quarter. They got the pressure on Brady to keep the Pats offense off-kilter.

Hoyer again turned the ball over, and gave the Patriots prime field position at the 8 yard line.

They of course scored, and took a 27-6 lead with 12:04 to go in the game.

Inept Hoyer returned to the field again for some mind boggling reason. He’s proven he can’t move the ball and is the epitome of anti-clutch.

They finally gave Hopkins a chance, and he made the most of it by catching a huge gain. Hoyer of course then ruined the drive by panicking under pressure and holding the ball for over 5 seconds almost every drop back.

The Patriot offense then took it to the Texan defense and drove it with ease. They got another field goal and extended the lead to 30-6 with just over 5 minutes to play.

T.J. Yates took over late as Hoyer went back to the locker room to undergo the concussion protocol. Texans offense responded with yet another 3 and out with a punt.

Patriots won easily, final score was 27-6. Houston faces a must win in Indianapolis next week to keep any hopes of the playoffs alive.