Texans Early Afternoon Huddle–looking ahead


Alright maybe the team isn’t, but we are. Here are your Texans stories for December 5th:

What’s next for Houston? by Russell Baxter, NFL spin zone

"It’s safe to say that the Houston Texans are on a roll. And all it took was a wake-up call in South Florida.Harken back to Week 7 and what proved to be a 44-26 humbling loss to the Miami Dolphins."

What’s the plan for the Texans on Sunday? by Brian McDonald, Bleacher Report

"There isn’t one thing they have to do to win this game, but the Houston Texans should take a few shots down the field against the Buffalo Bills. If the Texans are able to keep Tyrod Taylor contained inside the pocket, they’ll shut down the Buffalo offense. If the opposite happens, then Taylor’s athleticism could cause a problem."

More from Toro Times

Biggest roadblocks to the playoffs by Vanessa de Beaumont, Bleacher Report

"The 6-5 Houston Texans are alive, running, kicking, but most definitely not home free. With five games left in the season and their eyes on the postseason, they’ll have to surmount a number of obstacles, from opponents to their own shortcomings, in order to secure their January fates."

Here’s why the Texans defense is good again by Matt Weston, Battle Red Blog

"Five weeks ago, Houston is playing an insipid scheme, having their defensive backs play seven yards off the ball in man coverage and playing not to lose. Five weeks ago, the Houston Texans were an entirely different team."