Behind Enemy Lines:Houston Texans at Buffalo Bills


This week I went Behind Enemy Lines with Cam Boon from Buffalowdown. Here are my questions for him and his answers.

1. If Tyrod Taylor isn’t at 100% should he play against arguably the hottest defense in the league?

I think he should still play because he gives them the best chance to win. I think that even without Karlos Williams, this offense is still dynamic as it proved last week against Kansas City, another hot defense. Sammy Watkins is another intricate part, so if they keep him involved I think that they should be able to put up points against this hot defense.

2. The Bills are among the best running teams in the league, do you think they’ll move it on the ground in this one?

I think they will be able to respectably. Without Williams, LeSean McCoy is going to have to carry the bulk of the carries which I have no problem with. I think he can get close to 100 yards and if that is the case, I give Buffalo a good chance at winning this game.

3. Do you think the weather will impact this game in a significant way?

50 and partly cloudy for Sunday. If anything, fans and players will be in shock as to how nice it is in December in Western New York.

4. Will the Bills be able to slow down DeAndre Hopkins

It’s definitely going to take a better effort than last week against Jeremy Maclin. Do I think they have the talent to do so? Yes. But they have been so inconsistent that your guess would be as good as mine at this point. Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby have proved that they can be good on the outside, but both are coming off of the worst torching of this Bills secondary since Tom Brady‘s Week 2.

5. Who is one under the radar guy who could have a big impact on the game for Buffalo?

I would have to say Chris Hogan. It is tough to say because the offense has not been great on some games, but he always finds a way to play well in big games and this is certainly another big one on the Bills’ slate. 

6. Who wins–Texans or Bills, and score.

Call me biased, but there’s no way I can see Buffalo blowing a big game like this at home. Bills 20-14.