Brian Hoyer: Where does he fall in the FanSided QB ranking?


Matt Verderame of FanSided has released the Week 13 NFL quarterback ranking and we look to see where the Houston Texan’s Brian Hoyer came in

Brian Hoyer has put together the best NFL season of his seven year career. After Week 12 was done, Hoyer finds himself with a quarterback rating of 94.4 with 1,909 yards and 15 touchdowns. He also also managed to limit mistakes as he has only five interceptions on the year as well.

Despite his efficient season, Hoyer has been ignored by the media for the most part. He may not have the marketability of an Aaron Rodgers, or the winning record of a Tom Brady, but he has done his job well.

He also has been a key piece to the team moving to 6-5 on the season, although winning with T.J. Yates at the helm as well could hurt the argument that Hoyer is responsible for their success.

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Is Hoyer a better quarterback than people believe, or is he a product of his system? One way to tell is to compare players side-by-side with their peers.

Matt Verderame of FanSided recently released his Week 13 ratings of all NFL quarterbacks, so let’s see just where Hoyer falls;

"Seneca Wallace Division24. Marcus Mariota23. Blake Bortles22. Brian Hoyer21. Jameis Winston"

Yep, you read that right. Hoyer finds himself in the “Seneca Wallace” division, which is behind the “Trent Dilfer” division, but ahead of the “Ty Detmer” division.

At least according to this ranking Hoyer is ahead of two of the three other AFC South quarterbacks. Still, it’s much better than backing up Ryan Mallett.

So Texans fans, sound off and let us know in the poll below if Hoyer is ranked in the right spot. Also, keep the discussion going with our comment section at the bottom of the page!

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