Houston Texans: DeAndre Hopkins hints at what anyone with eyes should know, Revis Island is a myth


Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins had a blast playing the New York Jets and sure didn’t mind letting anyone know how he felt about visiting “Revis Island”

The term “shut down corner” needs to die, like yesterday. The fact is, with the way the NFL has changed the rules, it is nearly impossible to stop an NFL wide receiver all day long anymore.

Still, for some odd reason, people love to throw the phrase around and then once the media gets a hold of it watch out. Such is the case with New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who is a good corner, but once his reputation became that of a “shut down corner,” the media turned him into his own island.

Thanks to his insane praise, “Revis Island” was born and the yearly hold-out for money money saga has been going on ever since. Revis has gotten more huge contracts than anyone in recent memory, and has never really contributed to his team’s success. His only Super Bowl win came with New England last season when undrafted Malcolm Butler stole the show.

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Then the Patriots realized paying him $20 million was ridiculous and let him go. Enter, the New York Jets. The team with more offensive holes than swiss cheese ponies up franchise quarterback money for corner in the twilight of his career to play in a division dominated by a tight end.

The Jets overpaid for Revis, and this season young receivers are having fun at his expense. The latest to do so was DeAndre Hopkins, the Houston Texans’ stud receiver who burnt the Jets for 118 yards and two touchdowns in their latest win.

After the game, Hopkins spoke about playing the Jets and his stay on “Revis Island.”

"“The test, the media blowing up Revis Island — I had to come out and answer,” Hopkins sai via ESPN."

He followed that up by answering if he heard about what a tough matchup he was going to have going against the Jet’s corner.

"“Yeah, of course,” he said. “It’s ‘Revis Island,’ as y’all say.”"

The best part of that last quote was the air quotes Hopkins threw up while speaking of the piece of real estate the media has given to Revis.

The fact is simple, Revis developed a reputation as the best corner while playing under the Rex Ryan defensive scheme during his first stint with the Jets. Without Rex, he isn’t the same. That’s not saying he is a bad player, just that he isn’t as great as he is made out to be and it is refreshing to see honesty from a young star like Hopkins who wasn’t afraid to let it be known.

Anyone wanting to argue Revis’ worth needs to remember one thing. Revis was on New England last year, and they don’t let players leave if they are still great. Just ask the teams that have signed their former players, like Vince Wilfork. Sorry Texans fans, but that was true too.