Texans vs. Jets: Behind enemy (side)lines with the Jet Press


Luis Tirado Jr. of The Jet Press takes some time to talk with us about the matchup between the Houston Texans and New York Jets

One of the best parts of working in the FanSided network is the ability to catch up with experts for every team all around the NFL. This week we do just that with the team the Houston Texans are preparing to face in the New York Jets. We catch up with Luis Tirado Jr. of The Jet Press, and get his thoughts on the game.

RG: I have never been a fan of Geno Smith, and I felt Ryan Fitzpatrick was a superior player. Let’s say Geno doesn’t get punched in the face by a teammate (prime example of how he will never be a team leader, imagine someone punching Tom Brady in the face) does Fitz get his chance still? And do you believe he is the guy going forward until they get a new young guy in?

LT: I honestly believe the Jets would have been fine to start Geno Smith but he would have been on a short leash. I definitely think he would have eventually gotten benched because I’m one of the many that believe he doesn’t have the abilities to be an effective starting quarterback in the NFL. Fitzpatrick would have eventually gotten the nod and delivered much better results. I don’t see the Jets keeping Smith for long, I think they’re going to bring back Fitzpatrick, continue developing Petty and hope that maybe in the off-season or 2016 NFL Draft get another quarterback option to throw into the mix.

RG: Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker have both been very productive this season, outside of them, who is a threat catching the ball?

LT: Would definitely be Chris Ivory who has developed into a decent receiving option. So far this season, Ivory has totaled 156 receiving yards on 21 receptions and a touchdown. I expect a big day from Ivory against the Texans both on the ground and through the air.

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RG: The Jets have always boasted a great running game. Will Houston be able to slow them down at all?

LT: I think the Jets will continue to use what has worked well against the Texans’ defense and commit to running the football. It’s also a good opportunity to see what running back Stevan Ridley brings to the table since he was a non-factor last week and hopefully shows some ability this time around with more reps coming his way.

RG: Is there any player on Houston you see as an X-factor that New York better be ready for?

LT: J.J. Watt! Easily one of the best defensive ends playing this year and it will be interesting to see what he does against the Jets’ offense. Easily an x-factor of this game and a good test to see if the Jets can contain the best of the best at his position.

RG: If you were Houston, where is the one area of weakness you would exploit on the Jets?

LT: The Jets’ defensive secondary has been known to give up big plays despite having guys like Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis patrolling the corners of the field. Cromartie has been playing hurt and Revis has lost a bit of his step as the season progressed. Most teams that have done well and beaten the Jets did it by airing it out and hitting them where it hurts in the middle of the field.

RG: Finally, who wins this game and why?

LT: I think it’ll be a close one with the Jets squeaking by with a win of 17-14. It’ll come down to the wire with the Jets securing victory thanks to a game-winning field goal. The Jets have always been dramatic as I think they’ll also win in such fashion but playing against the Texans won’t be a walk in the park as many expected earlier this season.

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We here at the Toro Times would like to send a big thank you to Louis for taking the time to discuss Sunday’s matchup. For more on the Texans’ opponent this weekend, check out all the great work done by the guys over at The Jet Press.