Houston Texans: Top 30 moments in team history

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The Houston may only have a brief history since their inception in 2002, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some memorable moments in their existence. We here at the Toro Times have taken on the task of recapping and ranking the top-30 moments for the franchise.

Despite a small number of season in comparisons to other NFL franchises, the task is still not easy to pick the top moments for the blue collar franchise from Houston.

In just over a decade of existence, the team has already seen some great stars come through their doors. For starters, there is a breakout running back like Arian Foster or a star wide out Andre Johnson. The most recent to break out and capture the hearts of Houston fans is receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

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Other stars on the defensive side have included an All-World player in J.J. Watt as well as Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans, both who have moved on to other teams by now.These guys and many more have come through to create wonderful moments during their time with the Texans, making placing each one in order a tough task.

I’m sure every fan could make their own list and it would look completely different. Feel free to participate in the comment section at the end and describe your favorite moment from the team.

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